oya, have it...

I apologize for the brief hiatus. I had so much going on privately (in a good way). How has everyone been? Well, I am back to doing me, with more articles and my warped points-of-view.

I also want to thank everyone who inquired about how I was getting on, either via blog comments, Twitter messages or emails. Una too much jare. This goes out to you, and you, and you….

With that said, scroll up for an article, keep ‘patronizing’ this blog, and yeah please – I want to hear you. Post a comment, send me a sweet Tweet, shoot me an email (woahnigeria@yahoo.com).

Forever And A Day More


11 responses

  1. yaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Esco is back. mehnnnnnnn, where you waka go ehnnnn? u just vanished into thin air. missed your blogging man. oya, sharply share the good news with your fans. lol. welcome back man. Check out my blog: naijabankgirl.blogspot.com

  2. @ Che – Glad to be back Che. I had so much going on professionally. U have made me feel special right now. I may even have shed a tear or two. Lol. I checked out your blog. it is very funny. Loved the ‘okada’ story. Added you to my blogroll. More grease to your elbows love.

    @ Lue – Thanks for coming through. I am checking out your blog now real quick

    @ Loma – Great stuff. And you wont have to do without for long again, scout’s honor. Nice one. BTW, typos are allowed, I just want to hear from you! Lol

    @ Reallaw – Thanks. Its been one year of straight blessings and achievements. Plans are underway for a birthday of some sort. I am pouring some digital champagne into your glass right now as we speak. Bottoms up!

    @ AGK – You too much jare.

    @ Angels beauty – Personal in a good way. Marriage and kids is good. Are you and dude that far along yet? Lol

  3. I enjoy everything you people usually are way up too. This kind of ingenious perform along with insurance! Carry on this amazing is effective men I’ve included anyone men for you to my personal blogroll.

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