Wetin You Talk Sef? (2)

Eh? Did you say what?

Here are some more everyday Naija pronunciations of English words, in continuation of the first article on the subject :

  • Paparazzi – Kpakparazee
  • Status – startoose
  • Birthday – bard-day
  • Arsenal – Asunal
  • Engine – In-gin
  • Calcium – Kal-shoom
  • Trouser – trawzis or trawza
  • text – tecks
  • straight – streth
  • Mathematics – matimatis
  • Pounds Sterling – pounce starling
  • Quaker oats – Coker oat
  • Tax – tass
  • Guava – gover
  • Alsatian – Police Dog
Ha ha. We really should take a foreigner and teach them how to pronounce words the way we uniquely do. Anyway enjoy this scene from Mickey Blue Eyes, a Hugh Grant movie where he tries to learn how to feign an Italian mobster’s accent to save his relationship.

7 responses

  1. @ Tunmi – ah, thats what I used to call it b4 and had always know it as

    @ Ohj – Lol. As if you know.. that is always the next line “Do you know who I am?”

    @ Mina Kalu – Lol @ Baff (bathe). That one is so on point.

    Keep em coming lads (and lasses)

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