Humble Beginnings (by A.D.) (Memoirs Of a Good Naija Gurl)

Let us talk about the good ol’ days……You know, I’m not that old, but the world today is so advanced, so complex you just miss the good old days, sometimes I kinda……pity….yea pity the upcoming generation….

I mean, where’s the joy of using a multi-tasking touch screen phone with 3G without having used a blue and black screened phone with torch(light) and an FM radio as luxury…..

Show me the joy in sitting in your smooth A.C tight ride without having had to leave a huge amount of change for the conductor who was even rude to you by the way……

Ladies what is the joy in using Marc, Iman, Jordana or even Sleek without having patronized that mallam’s wonderful ‘brawn powder’ that was just 1 shade and will leave you looking more ridiculous than that woman on the Geisha tin.

I mean, how would you even really appreciate HDMI or HDTV if you never had to guess the color of the ranger on a television or had to hit the back of your TV to make it clear – ah the good ol’ days.

You can keep your Wi-Fi and fancy DSTV and HiTV connections, I am riding with using a metal hanger as an antenna.

How will they really understand and appreciate the silent engine sound of the Hondas and Toyotas, they never met a 244 GL Volvo!

My younger cousins will never understand why I smile when I press a button and the car window winds down; they never met good ol’ WINDER (detachable or fixed). The ones on the Peugeot 504 and 505 definitely became detachable after a while, until you were using one winder for all 4 windows.

They won’t appreciate the simplicity of the car mp3 player, they never had to stay awake the night before Christmas journey to the village rolling and re-rolling all the cassette players. (Yeah, you know them the Panam Percy Paul and Acapellas and Nkwa praise). Boney M too!

I really hope they will still understand the genre system of music when artistes of today are confused on the kind of music they want to sing; you hear stuff like “I sing ‘Afrofuji-rock-hiphop-jazz’…………hmmm, like say na Timberland get fuji. By the way, Eedris Abdulkareem’s babble is a genre of its own. Who has also heard that Shan George jam?

You would never appreciate the ingenuity cup holders in your car if you never had to put your Fanta Chapman between your legs and secure its content by using your hand when the driver is on a bumpy road.

In this era of dual citizenship of Nigerian-Peruvian or Nigerian-Brazilian females, I hope the culture of counting ‘rich poor beggar thief’ on our braided hair doesn’t die!

In this ‘microwave generation’ I hope it doesn’t turn out to be cloudy with a chance of meatballs, Like no-one should blame wives of tomorrow who can’t cook jack when they didn’t play mummy and daddy and prepare pretend soup with leaves and eba with clay. Or even settle pretend fights with the pretend husband.

I don’t think we should complain about adding weight when little ways of daily exercise like the stairs are being replaced by elevators and escalators (even in 3 or 4 storey buildings) .

It all seems like funny stuff but, how would we appreciate this good life that we all crave when we don’t take the time to ‘enjoy’ the humble beginnings.

Yours….…from the past


5 responses

  1. That was a good one!

    LOL @ “brawn powder”…that is so true! Today, we are really spoilt for choice (as per you can actually find your shade, with a little help, that is), but I daresay that some of the “older ones” have decided to stick with the “brawn” powder”… I guess some things never change…

    As for “rich poor beggar thief”….Err….With the number of Brazilian weaves ‘adorning” the heads of “many-a-young-lass” nowadays, I wonder too…Makes me wonder what would happen if the weaves came to life and decided to return to the original owner (Yes now…abi, isn’t it “human hair”?) LOL

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