Nigerian Blog Awards

Nominate 'Literati:Satires On Nigerian Life'

Dear Distinguished Woah-Nigerians,

How is everybody doing tonight?

Nominations have started at the Nigerian Blog Awards.

Please nominate for the following categories:

1. Best New Blog

2. Most Unique Voice

To make a nomination, kindly proceed to the Awards registration page  and input your choice. Please enter our blog URL address – (and not the name when nominating).  It would not take more than one minute of your precious time. Please also spread the word. #Let us stay winning.

I also want to thank every single person for your positive feedback, comments, constructive criticisms, contributions and support so far. Join me as the next phase of this blog begins.




17 responses

  1. esco i nominated you for the 2 categories.however,you need to inform people to nominate using your blog address not your blog name in the case of those who do not read instructions…all the best

  2. @Me: Aye, there are other people not cheating that need the votes o! lol

    Anyhow, i did nominate you for most unique voice even without having seen this post lol. I am pushing for best new blog myself so u will not be getting my vote for that one lol. (no vex). Good luck 🙂

    • Ladyngo, Abeg o, hubby na undercover follower, he enjoys it when I read the posts to him and will ask of new posts, but he will not vote. So is that cheating or me being a good helper to my mate, doing what he’s supposed to do? If I wan cheat na to use all my other email addresses to vote, or will that be wrong too? Good luck to you!

      • Um, i was only half serious. U can vote as many times as u feel like voting, e no dey vex me at all, i promise lol. If i weren’t trying to get the same award im sure i would’ve nominated him as well.

  3. Thanks everyone! You guys are awesome
    Lady Ngo & Me – your exchange made me laugh. All best at the awards Lady Ngo
    Me – thank you for voting and enlisting your hubby too. Bless.

    Deevgal – You too much jare. You know, I do this for you, right?

    Aku – You are a gem. I am humbled (I really am).

    Stella – cheers. Thanks for the corrections. I have amended it.

    • LOL, i had a feeling you were sitting back watching the whole thing unfold. Good luck to you too. I really do hope you get most unique voice. *fingers crossed* you were the first one that came to mind when i was voting 🙂

  4. Does it have to be just those 2 categories? i think i overdosed a bit on the nominations.. funniest blog is what am rooting for. Unique will be icing on the cake.

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