What Device Do You Usually View This Blog On?

Hello my fellow Woah-Nigerians,

I do not wish to be an olofofo or anything, but I would like to know what type of device you use when visiting this site. In order to improve the experience even further and make sure that all the content is  fully legible and device-friendly, kindly help with the poll below.



12 responses

  1. Ehen, wen my BIS expired, I was forced to use my laptop. Well, I didn’t like it. It was just all in my face. I guess I just like to look down on my handheld. Or I’m just used to it.

  2. i use my pc. but esco please we need more articles.i am addicted to this blog and av read all the contents.i want more more and lots more.thumbs up bro ure doing a good job.

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