20 Grand

Oops, I forgot the 'O' at the end

Wow, this blog has had over 20,000 hits since we started in September of 2010. I am as proud as  a dad who is watching his little infant take baby steps. I started this blog because I felt I had a point of view I needed to get out there. I never ever expected to do Bellanaija numbers – I just wanted Nigerians everywhere to listen to what I had to say. No disrespect to other blogs doing their thing  but if everyone concentrated on fashion and entertainment to the detriment of other issues in Nigeria, we would all soon become a land of well-dressed, partying zombies. Let’s not party and bullshit forever, huh?

The nominations for various categories for Nigerian Blog Awards (www.nigerianblogawards.com) would start on May 30th. On that day, nominations will begin on the various categories. I will also advise that you visit that site and have a breeze-through – there are some really awesome blogs there. My blog is listed as Literati: Satires On Nigerian Life (just under Linda Ikeji). Tell your friends, tell your brother, send a telegram.

Following 20,000 hits, plans are in the works to improve this blog to make it an even better reading experience for you.  Following any expansions, there will be readers who would be designated L.A.I.S.O.Ns (Literati Satires On Nigerian life agents). They would be able to post up articles on original Nigerian content as far as it is not socially or morally repugnant.

I want to thank every single one of my readers for your awesome show of support. And I mean that. Every single 20,000 of you. Or 10,000 of you who visited twice or even if there are just 10 of you who visited 2,000 times.



23 responses

  1. Love your blog!!! I love to read and when I stumbled on your blog via a bella naija comment, instead of getting a new book, I opted to stay up all night and read everypost. I laughed, I cried, well more like I laughed so hard, almost cried. Will be voting, . . . no letleat no sullender!!!

  2. By the way, if you know what you caused with this blog awards thing, ehn? I’ve read about 15 different blogs between the time of my first post & this one…and I’ve got papers to write. FB used to be the devil, now your blog is.

  3. L̃̾☺L̃̾ .. I love ur writing style, so original, so funny and so real.. I usually don’t comment or vote for all these social networking awards but for u, I will…:)

  4. @Anonymous – cheers

    @ Oohjay – You never know, its a small world, eh? Where did you grow up/school?

    @ Dessy008 – Do you mean that? *Grins from ear to ear* Lol

    @ Tired of…..- Nice one

    @ Kit Kat – Cheers, love. Do you really like cats and candy like that?

    @ Me – Best compliment ever. My blog made you forgo reading a novel? Thats crazy. We would soon be available for download as an audiobook for Itunes, or an e-book on Nook or Kindle. Amen! No letleat, no sullender! Lol

    @ Ready – Me, ekwensu ke? Lol. I can imagine – there are lots of good blogs listed on the NBA site.

    @ Deevgal – Much obliged love <3. Besides I want you to comment as much as possible to make the blog more interactive

    @ Criistalpure – When you laugh, I smile. Nice one

  5. hey! congrats. u surely deserve it. u write good. almost sounds like am conversing with u wenever i read ur posts. I wrote something today and i was thinking of sharing it here… it is a huge deviation from your normal banter however but could spark up a debate. let me know if you posts write ups from others.

  6. Awwwww. Congrats Esco. I remember when its was a couple thousand. 20,000 is major!! We should celebrate, Lol. Here’s to the next 20k, then next up the 200k mark. Many more hilarious and insightful posts to come. Cheers

    • Cheers Mimi B. We really should celebrate. How though? Ok, I will buy your a cyber drink via Skype. Lol.
      And the 200k mark, I drink to that. And wish you more and the same for my sister-blog.

  7. Amazing! Rally excited for you, hope you pick up the gong, or statuette, or whatever is on offer.
    For real though, love your blog, it’s got a permanent position on my blog roll, and I’m a regs.
    Amen to the e-books. You know what, I reckon your posts should be published in magazines. And just for starters, InFlight magazines should lead the way.
    I’m off to vote now,brb!

    • Thanks Ms Luffa, just been to your blog as well. Awesome stuff there as always. Ur my blog-mate too. Lol

      As per the voting times, I tire for them too o.

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