What kind of Articles do you prefer on WoahNigeria?

Seeing that this is voting season in Nigeria anyway, please I would really appreciate some feedback from everyone, so that WoahNigeria can be even better.

I am using the open-ballot system (not option A4); also feel free to write your preferences/comments in the bar provided in the last option of the poll.

Please, no poll rigging o.



5 responses

  1. More on relationships and dating in naija ….. everyone loves a good conversation on the interactions between men and women..

  2. na you biko!!!! i have been sitting here at work for the past 1 hour reading all of your previous posts. e don finish me with laughter. you are HILARIOUS. i saw the URL on bella naija and decided to check it out. then every post ends with lyrics to a hip hop song. NICE.
    abeg, anything you want to talk about is okay, sha. i will read every bit of it. just make sure you post often, at least once a week.

    • Thank you jare. Its nice to see someone who is into lyrics like myself. Thank you for giving me poetic license. I will try posting as often as possible; matter of fact I have just put up 2 articles. Hope you like; dissect and revert, please

  3. Please post whatever comes to your mind but do not leave the humour out. Everyone cherishes a good laugh, I’m going through a difficult time and I can tell you that each visit to your blog helps me gradually forget. Kudos!!!!!!

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