The Pounded Yam and Pure Water Awards (2)



I Hail Oh!

  1. Venerable Tayo Aduloju of the Cathedral Church of Christ, Marina, Lagos, who preached a sermon on the ills of corruption at the memorial service for Bode George
  2. Eateries that never have change for customers but would never offer discounts or rebates
  3. ( a blog about an American student’s journey of discovery through Western Nigeria)
  4. Keisha ( the mother of one of the kids that died in the fire of a Nigerian baby-sitter’s house), who donated her baby’s heart, livers and kidneys to save 2 other hospitalized kids
  5. The youth political watchdog initiative introduced by “What About US” which is calling all Nigerian Youths to Join the Movement on Twitter and Facebook ( It is seeking  a forum for top  election candidates to have a Public debate with the youths of Nigeria, which would be hosted by Ebuka (of Big Brother Africa fame) and Chiamanda Adichie( renowned author) on the 25th of March 2011. Nigerian’s in Diaspora who may not be able to vote are enjoined to support by donating their Facebook status, Blackberry, twitter page to create awareness that can change our great country.
  6. Mushrooms in okra soup + ground rice
  7. Lagos ranked 4th worst livable city in the world 2011 by The Economist Intelligence Unit – My state capital is now officially better than Nigerian’s economic capital. Even Aba has a shot.

You de fall our hand oh

Carry Go!

1.  Live broadcast of thanksgiving service for recently released from prison politician Bode George on AIT

2.   People who call every 4 wheel drive or boxed vehicle a jeep.

4.  People who ask for price of an item you just bought, and claim that you were cheated as they can show you a place where it is available for a cheaper price.

5.  Relatives or friends who kiss/peck other people’s baby on the cheek/lip.

6.  Nigerians who shame from giving their children our native names. Rosanna Agwoturumbe??  (Come on!)

7.  Nigerians abroad who talk down or speak ill about our country to nationals of other countries

8.  Jessica Tata the baby sitter whose neglect caused the death by fire of 3 kids in Houston and then shamefully fled to Nigeria to escape prosecution. (‘Tata’ is Igbo for baby by the way; how unfairly ironic)

9.   Kings speech winning best picture ahead of the social network at the Oscars

10. LASTMA officials going AWOL during GEJ’s visit to Lagos this week. Think of ordinary commuters.

11.  All forms of sectarian, divisive and non-ideological politics.

12.  Bomb blast in Abuja and the seeing new trend of  bomb-blasts which is as useful a tool as cutting your nose to spite your face.

2 responses

    • Hey MimiB,

      What do you think about 6 & 7 under ‘I Hail O’ Praiseworthy eh?

      Yeah the ‘jeep’ one is a Naija thing.I find myself telling some people ‘No, a Kia Soul is not a jeep!’

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