Arsene knows best, eh?

Crouching tiger, hidden dragon...


I saw this joke somewhere, and being a Blues fan (the West London ones, of course), I couldn’t resist…

The last time Arsenal won a trophy:

  • Yaradua  was still a governor
  • Airtel Nigeria was still called Econet
  • The movie ‘Crash’ starring Don Cheadle, Terrence Howard, Matt Dillion had just come out
  • Nokia 3310 was the most popular popular phone in Nigeria
  • George W. Bush was inaugurated for his second term as the 43rd President of the USA
  • Tony Blair was still the prime minister of the U.K.
  • Justin Beiber was still ‘jacking’ for Common Entrance…

2 responses

  1. Man Utd were still sponsored by Vodafone…
    If a child was born on the day Arsenal last won a trophy, it would be in Primary School…

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