The Pounded Yam and Pure Water Awards















  1. People-driven pro-democracy revolutions ( ala Egypt, Bahrain and Libya)
  2. Nubuck/ Suede Oxford shoes by Clarks
  3. The current season of the TV series “Entourage
  4. The current price for Glo’s Blackberry Internet Service
  5. A potent cocktail mix of Guinness stout and Palmwine
  6. Blogs with original content
  7. Nigerian creativity, innovation and enterprise ( Tuface, Babatunde Raji Fashola, Sally Bawa)
  9. The track “Imperfect Me” off M.I.’s new album “M.I.2”
  10. Indomie noodles made with suya pepper
  11. After-work drinks and weekend Premiership football matches at Le Real Hotel Bar, VGC, Ajah
  12. Registering to vote
  13. Then going ahead to vote
  14. Businesses that do not add special “Island” or “ajebo” taxes for goods or services
  15. The stable price of “pure water” (It has been 5naira since forever)













  1. Egocentric and power-drunk African dictators
  2. Girls who demand Valentine presents but never buy
  3. 30-something year old grown men with huge guts wearing skinny jeans
  4. Broadcasting your family/relationship squabbles on your Facebook page /twitter
  5. PHCN/NEPA’s ogbanje antics
  6. Chaps who gossip like Suzuki St. Pierre of Ugly Betty
  7. People who switch on their phones mid-flight on  airplanes
  8. Asun – I don’t get this peppery concoction made out of diced and fried goat meat. It is too harsh on the tongue.
  9. The fact that everyone in Lagos is/or wants to be a “consultant”/ stylist/ weave-on merchant/blogger/designer/musician
  10. People who  try to enforce their choice of GEJ on you, and think you are anti-democracy if you have an alternate choice for presidential candidacy
  11. Repatriates who did  2 year Masters degrees in the UK/USA/ Canada fronting like they cannot settle back down in Nigeria
  12. Nigerian businesses that charge dollars for products or services
  13. UTC Marble Cake with egg shell bits in it
  14. Adults who give kids bits of the chicken like the “head” or the “feet” and keep the drumstick and wings for themselves 

10 responses

  1. Hey hey.. I’m baaackk 😉 You’d think I’m stalking your blog.. well, I am.. for my daily dose of laughter!! First of all, not fair! That picture of poundo and soup… OMG!! U wan kill persin wey no fit near Naija food, abi? 😦 I think your strong thing list is missing ‘Youtube’s Nigerians of the moment’, y’know, Naija Boyz and their latest video ‘Black or Yellow’ ( These guys have taken the idiosyncrasies of our country and made something really fun with it! #5 sounds like a killer.. and tell me the price of pure water is still N5? For the long thing list: definitely the Bode George celebration going on right now! Dayum, that’s disgraceful!! Only in Nigeria would a convicted criminal be celebrated! #3 is hilarious.. na ‘new money’ cause am, joh! #13 sounds healthy, after all some calcium is good for your bones 😉 And #14 is just sad. Btw I know where you got that picture of pure water: North of Lagos, ey? 😉

    • Hey Ubercool,

      Thanx for stalking my blog. Thats what I blog for!
      I ll check out the Naija Boyz video. Werent they the guys that an awesome video some years back with a Souljah Boy’s Superman dance? That was hilarious.
      Funny enough I was going to include the Bode George celebration next week. It is an utter disgrace.
      At your comment on #13, that is calcium you can do without. Lol.
      As per the picture of the pure water, i got it off google. Are you giving me a hint?

    • I like pepper, but Asun is full of it like crazy! At least the ones I have had? Maybe you know how to make it perfect. I am waiting for you to invite me over for tea. Lol

  2. Love ur blog! Love d way u write… Bin reading since sept last year. Haven’t rily commented b4. Asun is fantastic… Indomie made wit pepper is wow! We’r kinda on d same page for d strong things awards sha… I’m feeling u on those fake assed 2yr masters peeps who come back and start acting stupid some even come back home with an accent! I tire for people I swear! Pls join twitter o,I wanna ff u…

    • Thanks love,

      I am now on Twitter. You can follow @EscoWoah. Please spread the word too.

      Asun is supposed to be fantastic, but its like eating raw chilli. Yeah those fake Masters peops are a pain, arent they. Someone who went to Olumo Rock Secondary school, and a university in Nigeria suddenly starts speaking like Prince William after 2 years in a 2nd rate uni in Jand. Oh behave. Lol.


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