RE: The Stylish & Versatile Awards

I was recently awarded/nominated for the Stylish & Versatile Awards by Mimi from

I am mighty chuffed because Literati:Satires on Nigerian Life only went live last September, and I have received lots of positive feedback already.

Ms Barber, I thank you plenty.

So in keeping with the tradition of this blogger award, Esco is required to reveal seven random facts about himself (Speaking in 3rd person sounds so much grander).

I apologize but I can only do this in the “Satire” theme of this blog – I am quite shy, you see.

So 7 Stylish and Versatile things about me are:

1. When I was a kid, I wanted to be Danny Zuko (John Travolta’s character in Grease). He was the epitome of cool, plus he had the fancy “T-Bird” jackets, was charismatic, didn’t talk much and bagged all the ladies. I used to sport a small comb like he did; I even made my mum buy me a Baseball jacket, which I sported over my school uniform in damn near 60 degree Nigerian weather regardless. Ha-ha. Other kids wanted to be like Mike (Jordan, Jackson, Tyson), or Superman (geek dressed up with a cape –ewww), or Spiderman (insect man) or Boy Alinco (Elvis type haircut and all) but I wanted to be Danny Zuko. By the way, Grease is the best movie ever; end of.

2. I am supposed to be very good with kids. I go to my sister’s house, and her famously difficult 1 year old daughter melts into my arms and refuses to eat until I feed her. I meet strangers and their babies are drawn to me for a weird reason. I am the sort of person who impersonates cartoon characters and makes funny noises to make babies/kids laugh. My nephew also said “You are the coolest uncle ever” Ah bless.

That said, please let us save the children, by taking more pro-active roles in schemes/programs that support their development, education as well as cultural stimulation.

3. I have been told that I am one of the most stubborn people on earth. Enough said. I wonder why I always prefered the younger Kuta Kinte in the TV series Roots though.

4. On a lighter note, I really like Lacoste, Zoo, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Marc Jacobs, Levis, River Island, Hublot, Hollister, Pro-Evolution Soccer, Xbox 360 and Mercedes. Now you know, I am expecting your gift-cards in the post.

5. I really fancy Scarlet Johansson. Does anyone know her? Nah, seriously, I had my first girlfriend when I was just 7!  She was a cougar! Don’t worry she was just 8. Her mum was a teacher in my school, and totally approved because she stopped flogging me for not doing my homework! With such a checkered history, I can claim to know what love is, and I promise to show you in this blog in the future.

6. I am a horror movie buff. From the time, my elder siblings forced me to watch the Thriller video even though I was nearly passing out with fright. I have always liked scary movies – no, scratch that; I meant horror movies. Many Nollywood movies are scary, so I definitely meant horror movies. I also like epics, action (aka war film as it is called in Naija) blockbusters and gangster flicks.

7. I love music- I was listening to music in my mother’s womb. I heard the doctor was playing Bob Marley’s Jamming off the Exodus Album when my ma was in the theatre about to birth me. I came out by myself because I was feeling the lyrics. As the doctor slapped my bum to make me cry, he said he swore he saw me snapping my fingers to the jam.

My favorite artistes are Train, Nas, U2, Ghostface & Wu-Tang, AZ, and Michelle Branch. And MI2 is a slamming album. I also like old Nigerian music by Blakky, Oritz Wiliki, Danny Wilson, Onyeka Owenu and Junior N Pretty.

I am required to give this award to 15 other bloggers. My choices are:

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