Take a picture

Can you imagine,

a most benevolent King

who interprets dreams and stays schemes

Can you imagine

A gangster on the pulpit, fulfilling his destiny

dousing butts and emptying ashtrays at the vestry

A hardened criminal bracing up to the sentence

what’s done is gone, there will be no repentence

A little girl, pregnant at twelve

it is what it is,

a child full of child, hell

Joy so immaculate

it could be compared to a nut in the wettest posse

or bosoms full like Philly streaks, so juicy

Angels portraying your life story in Heaven’s movie

Take a picture

At death, life scenes flash before your retinas

Why fight it, when you would lose it, life has no replicas

brace up to fight the bullet

as the Reaper sucks the air out of your gullet

Getting ready to creep down that narrow tunnel

Lying there on your deathbed, thinking of how you blew it

Arms and veins wired down, pumping fluid

Listening to the beep of the heart monitor

praying that it keeps interrupting yours…

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