Autopsy of a Feminine



 Femme Fa-tale!  

spoken from the lips of Modesty      

Wondrous to those that thrive on ego       

bearer of a continuous sequel of generations       

as some reflect, a borne to desire       

and to most; You cannot do without       

the vast says the specie of tenderness       

also an attractive life-path to all serenity       

a Domain to conquer, to love and to accept       

the feminine,       

Creatures of the heart!       


(Inspired from a deep male point of view) Jide Shadipe, “22nd sept 2007”   

*picture taken from 

2 responses

  1. I read two of your posts and find them very interesting. They reflect Nigeria and the mindset of many Nigerians. THey show the bad sides but with the undertone that says ‘hope’ and are written in a style that is so enchanting.

    Please Keep it up.

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